Vintage Views

Hotel at Bay View

Gathering At the Water, in the Dunes

Cottage communities along Lake Michigan’s eastern shoreline feature religious beginnings.
Porcupine Mountain

Skiing the Porkies

Highest terrain in Michigan offers downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing.

Shall We Go Skating?

Michigan went roller-skate crazy following the war.

Sloganeering Michigan

Slogans branding a town have been around for years. They were used to promote its advantages in advertisements, publicity brochures and on souvenirs.
Grape Vineyard Tabor Farm

Michigan’s Famous Fruit Belt

A look back at the early years of agritourism.
Greyhound bus

Vacationing by Bus in Michigan

Passengers left the driving to someone else on short and long tours between resort towns.
Graceland - Lupton, Michigan

Logging a Few Architectural Gems

Log cabins became fixture during American Revolution.
Grayling Winter Recreation Map

Grayling: Capital City for Winter Sports

Riding the biggest toboggan in the world was a thrill.
Dinosaur Land ride

When Dinosaurs Roamed the Roadside

Are dinosaur parks extinct in Michigan? A forgotten relic of 20th-century roadside attractions.
Beach Dune Rides

Riding Across the Sands of Time

Dune rides have a long-stand- ing appeal in Michigan, whether for thrills or majestic scenery.




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