Michigan BLUE is a bi-monthly magazine uniquely targeted to Michigan’s waterfront homeowner and to those who embrace a lifestyle lived on water.

Water. No single word better captures the essence of Michigan’s number one resource.

Michigan BLUE was created for a specific audience — those that are passionate about living on water; those who have invested in a lifestyle inspired by the recreational vibrancy of a large inland lake, the tranquility of a bayou or ever-changing drama of a Great Lake. Readers of Michigan BLUE enjoy rooms with a view, distinctive ways of unwinding, entertaining, playing and celebrating. They appreciate sanctuary. They value quality: quality in their home, quality time with their family and friends and quality of life.

Each coastal region of the state offers distinctive landscape attributes and points of interest. Every inland lake and river expresses its own indelible beauty and character. Within them, surrounding them, people are reveling in nature’s magnetic integrity. Some reside on the water for the recreation. Some love the serenity. Others are just rejuvenated by a view that’s never the same, yet reliably mesmerizing.

BLUE is the bridge that brings the lives of these people together. It is the only magazine of its kind in the state, and we built it just for this purpose: To enhance our readers’ quality of life by showing them how to make the most of their shoreline residence and the “lakestyle” they’ve invested in.

If you haven’t already discovered Michigan BLUE and the wonders of waterfront living we share, we invite you to do. Find us at any of the newsstands listed on this page. Or subscribe today by visiting “subscribe” on this Web site.

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