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Sunrise Surprise

Lake Huron community weaves nature, commerce, past and present together

Pining for the Porkies

Remote hikes, beautiful vistas and rustic cabins found in this Michigan wilderness

Finding Their Balance

Ella Skrocki was just 4 years old when she first toyed around with a surfboard on Lake Michigan. Regardless of weather, she and her parents, Beryl and Frank Skrocki, and younger siblings Reiss and Annabel, often played on the water.

Of Cattails & Bootleggers

Kayakers explore historic canals and learn about Detroit's wild side

Saving Fishtown

Leland’s historic Fishtown, once a fishing village and now a tourist destination, is being rescued from Lake Michigan’s waters by community supporters and the Fishtown Preservation Society.

Making History on Lake Michigan

Nationally significant home lovingly restored to its former glory
Lodge owner Frank Willetts is in his element on the river.

For Love of Trout

Ryan White remembers exactly how he became a fishing guide.

The Secret of Seeing

Three minutes at 15 feet. This is the safety protocol repeated often to someone who learns how to scuba dive.
Black-eyed Susans and annuals add color when mixed with hydrangea, sedum and perennials blooming in late August at Island House Hotel.

An Explosion of Color

Each June, the famed lilac bushes of Mackinac Island awaken.
This 5,000-square-foot waterfront haven was built with the idea of eliminating the need for a second home Up North.

Everyday Getaway

While cottages are synonymous with long-awaited, short-term stays, there’s no need to pack bags and head to another home when you live on a lake year-round.




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