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Andy and Christina's riverfront home

This Century Modern

Completed in 2018, this unique property was a detail-oriented undertaking driven by the homeowners, Andy and Christina, that includes a separation between its public and private spaces.
Summer Fun header

Summer Fun

There’s no hurrying a drive along southwest Michigan’s Red Arrow and Blue Star Memorial highways — and that’s precisely the reason to go.
Huron Jewel

Dream Boat

Last summer, amid the cheers of friends and well-wishers, Capt. Hugh Covert and his wife Julie launched their new boat into the fresh waters of northern Lake Huron just off the eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Pollinator garden

Threat of Extinction

Fish & Wildlife Service encourages citizens to grow gardens to help declining bee, butterfly populations.

Grapes Galore

Truly Michigan Vines taps vineyard market as Michigan’s only producer of locally grown vinifera and hybrid vines.
Yellow-browed Warbler

Bird-Watching Paradises

Festivals celebrate Michigan’s wealth of birds and provide many opportunities to see and learn about them.
Ellen Fred tiny home

A Small House Can Be Just the Right Size

Tiny homes offer cozy atmosphere, functional space, less to clean.

The Real Deal

Burgess Lake residence delivers down-to-earth details.
Point Betsie Lighthouse

Night Lights

Spend the night at one of Michigan’s historic lighthouse bed-and-breakfasts for a unique shoreline experience.
Winter's Grandeur

Winter’s Beauty

The sublime, subtle beauty of monochromatic winter landscapes does not escape the eyes of nature photographers.