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Golden Reflection

Magic Moments

Kristina Lishawa was just a young girl when her grandfather recognized her appreciation for wild beauty. He bought her a camera, something simple, and introduced her to new worlds.
echo park guitars

Sunken Treasure

In 2015, “sink logs” — timber that fell to river bottoms or lakes when floating en route to mills — were dredged from Muskegon Lake. Perfectly preserved specimens of this prized lumber found their way to Gabriel Currie, the brains and hands behind Echopark Guitars.
Yates Cider Mill

The Cider Mill Effect

The sweet magic of fall cider draws thousands each year to historic mills where water once powered apple presses. As if under a spell, Michiganders from all over join with family and friends for a pilgrimage to the cider mill. Sweet cider, warm doughnuts and fresh produce take center stage with caramel apples, old-fashioned candy and home-baked pies.
Becky Kagan Schott and Christopher Winter

Dark Memories

Underwater photographers capture haunting images of a Great Lakes freighter that broke in two and sank during a 1966 Lake Huron gale.
Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale Sojourn

The author and her husband set out to backpack the national park’s 43-mile Greenstone Ridge and found an island of discovery.
Iron Ore Heritiage Trail

Superior Vacations

Wonderful travel or adventure destinations are found in the Upper Peninsula along the Lake Superior shoreline between Grand Marais and Marquette.
Andy and Christina's riverfront home

This Century Modern

Completed in 2018, this unique property was a detail-oriented undertaking driven by the homeowners, Andy and Christina, that includes a separation between its public and private spaces.
Summer Fun header

Summer Fun

There’s no hurrying a drive along southwest Michigan’s Red Arrow and Blue Star Memorial highways — and that’s precisely the reason to go.
Huron Jewel

Dream Boat

Last summer, amid the cheers of friends and well-wishers, Capt. Hugh Covert and his wife Julie launched their new boat into the fresh waters of northern Lake Huron just off the eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Pollinator garden

Threat of Extinction

Fish & Wildlife Service encourages citizens to grow gardens to help declining bee, butterfly populations.