Clean Your Attic!

Donate your previously loved art to the Charlevoix Circle of Arts (and maybe find something new for your cottage) at this special fundraiser
Art from the Attic sculpture
Art from the Attic sculpture

It’s almost time for Art from the Attic, a super-fun program at Charlevoix Circle of Arts (CCA) that accepts art from your attic, or anywhere for that matter, that you’d like to donate. The arts organization, based in idyllic northwest Michigan in Charlevoix, then holds a special sale of all the donated goods and proceeds go toward various Charlevoix Circle of Arts programs.

We caught up with Sarah Matye, executive director of Charlevoix Circle of Arts while she was eyeing a donated and previously loved bird bath. “Art is subjective, so it depends on who you ask, but in my opinion, the oddest donated item this year so far is a sculpture of a cat wearing a snorkel and posing as a birdbath,” Matye says. “It might have to go home with me if someone doesn’t snatch it up first!”

Matye shares with Michigan BLUE a bit about the program, which is accepting donations through Aug. 4. The sale runs Aug. 12 and Aug. 14-17.

Michigan BLUE: How old is this program? Do you know when it first ran?

Sarah Matye: This year, CCA is bringing back Art from the Attic, which happened once before in 2015.

MB: How did your organization come up with this clever fundraising idea?
SM:  The idea was suggested by a volunteer who thought a used art sale would be a great way to raise money for CCA programs and services. I remembered seeing in the organization’s archives that something similar had been done in the past, so we decided to bring it back. As this is re-starting after eight years, we don’t know what to expect. Typically, August is our busiest month with visitors to the gallery, so we are hoping for a great turnout.

MB: Where will the special Art from the Attic items be located?

SM: The sale will be set up in the lower-level art studio at CCA. We’ll transform the large multipurpose space into a pop-up gallery of previously owned art and art supplies.

MB: What types of items are expected?

SM: Fine art (framed and unframed), sculpture, posters, matted prints, frames, ceramics, glass art, handmade jewelry, artisan works, gently used art supplies, and art books. There are so many cool things.  We have some really great artwork, lots of nice frames, and awesome art supplies. Donations are being accepted until Aug. 4, so I’m sure there will be more cool things coming!

MB: Do shoppers ever buy the art just for the frames, perhaps for a different use?

SM: Absolutely. Sometimes people even reuse or repurpose canvases as well.

MB: Has the team at CCA ever donated or purchased anything from Art for the Attic?

SM: I donated a few pieces of previously loved art to the sale this year. My style has definitely changed over the years, so it’s nice to be able to make room for new pieces (I can’t help but find great art working at CCA).  All of our staff and volunteers are excited to shop the sale — there are some fun treasures!

Information: Charlevoix Circle of Arts, 109 Clinton St., Charlevoix, (231) 547-3554,

Art from the Attic
Art from the Attic

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