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wooden bowl

Bowled Over

Large, small, or in between, these wooden wonders from the Holland Bowl Mill will last several lifetimes

Keeping it Fresh

Artist Kathleen Chaney Fritz captures Michigan and its many enchanting moods
Pine Prism

BEA-utiful Creations

A Petoskey-based artist’s curious nature results in gorgeous works
lighthouse photo

Watery Wonders

The Great Lakes inspires artists in the upcoming ArtPrize show
Art from the Attic sculpture

Clean Your Attic!

Donate your previously loved art to the Charlevoix Circle of Arts (and maybe find something new for your cottage) at this special fundraiser

The Big Picture

Beyond painting, watercolorist Chris Unwin has taught art workshops, produced books and DVDs, and hosted renowned painters in classes worldwide. Photography by Don Unwin.

In the Mood

Water, sky, and nostalgic touches give Edward Duff’s oil paintings a unique aura.

Glass Act

Mosaic artist Michelle Sider captures the colors and spirit of Michigan.

Dream Weaver

A Port Austin-based artist combines her ‘maker passion’ with the flora and fauna of her life to create magical paintings
Mary Lou Peters Feature Image

Watercolor Wonders

The queen of geraniums (and much more) looks back on a vibrant art career flowing with unexpected twists and splashes of creativity. The future’s bright, too!