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Awakening Our Senses

From private outdoor havens nurtured over time to acres of public spaces enlivened by master plan, this issue of BLUE invites you to discover what’s growing first-hand.

Keeping It Real, Immersed in the Season

Aside, maybe, from the good folks who run Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the state who’s more immersed in the season (occupation-wise) than Michigan Christmas tree growers.
Stephanie Schlatter

Art of the Craft Inspiring Sites of Design

Discovering the art of diverse crafts statewide opens doors of inspiration.
The Homestead

Life on the Bay: Uncovering Shoreline Havens

Venture to Michigan’s myriad bays for natural attractions and new places to see, stay and play.
Wavelengths cottage chairs

Cottages: Making a getaway

Whether you’ve been going to the same family retreat since before you could walk, are taking steps toward building your first home away from home or seeking options in-between to brake the fast tracks of routine, welcome to BLUE’s special COTTAGES edition!
Wavelengths - Winter 2012

Splendors of the Season

Discover the warmth of winter.
letter from the editor of michigan blue magazine

Places we won’t forget

In October of 2010, photographer Jeff Garland spent a couple days meandering along Old U.S. 27. From roadside cabins and vintage signs to Swiss chalets and neon diners, BLUE featured sights Jeff captured in 2011’s Fall edition.
Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step

Whether by chance or choice, adventure is always there for the taking.
Historic Great Lakes Cruises Cover

Cruising into yesterday

To all those travelers that over the years have visited this magical land. To their warm smiles in old photographs pasted in dusty scrapbooks. To their “wish you were here” messages sent on thousands of postcards. To the souvenirs they brought home with memories of an unforgettable vacation.

Life Along a Great Lake

From New Buffalo up to Mackinaw and winding west into the Upper Peninsula, the beaches blanketing Lake Michigan’s shoreline attract us with distinct attributes, including the world’s longest stretch of freshwater dunes.




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