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A Fall to Remember

Fall is a special time full of changes. At its best it is glorious, a grand mosaic of color full of sunshine with cooler temperatures that invigorate.

Bend Like the Willows

Being a lifelong water person, I find every issue of BLUE is a pleasure to work on, an opportunity to explore and bring the best aspects of waterfront living and lifestyles to our readers.

Vicarious Travels in Michigan

To say the least, it’s been a tragic and trying year, something most of us could never have imagined. Here at BLUE, our hearts go out to those of our readers and others who may have lost someone due to the COVID-19 virus, or who fell ill and continue to struggle.
Wavelengths Spring 2020 Nature Trail Photo courtesy iStock

A Season of Renewal

Like the weight of a heavy coat being shed, the passing of winter brings a smile to most people’s faces and a certain lightness of being.
Michigan Beach in the Summer - photography courtesy Birch Lodge

Planning for a Marvelous Summer at the Cottage

Late winter is that time of year when waterfront property owners and others begin planning for the upcoming warm seasons.
A bridge during sunrise over an ice covered lake.

To Freeze or Not to Freeze, That Is the Question

Winter is fast approaching, and it is difficult to know what to expect. Will this be the year to buy an all-wheel drive vehicle, a pair of pac boots and a snow blower? Or, a year where there is no need to mothball that favorite sports car for a season due to deep snow conditions?
Autumn Traverse City Michigan

Fall Signals Change

Autumn is the season of tidings. We know in our bones that winter is coming. Summer has passed and the days have grown cooler. Migrant birds are leaving for southern climes, and darkness comes earlier and earlier each week.
Indian Drum rock formation

Michigan Offers So Many Adventures

Our 384-mile wide northern peninsula, with its national forests, designated wilderness areas, lakes, rivers and rugged topography, has become a trendy playground for outdoor enthusiasts.
A Love of Wood Boats header

A Love of Wood Boats

Those early summer weekends were a lot of work, hours each day spent sanding and scraping, caulking and painting, followed by anticipation as we hung the boat in a sling in the haul-out well, hoping the wood swelled tight, stopping leaks.
Commoon Yellowthroat

A Season of Renewal

Letter from the Editor, Spring 2019