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Cozy up by the Fire

Finding Hygge (Coziness) in Winter

There’s a kind of contentment in accepting a harsh climate, and it’s one of the things I think best sums up the Danish concept of hygge. Hygge can be loosely translated to mean a coziness or contentment and often includes warm touches like candles and comfort food, but it’s more than that. Hygge is the idea of being happy with what you have and finding the joy in simple things.
Sunfish Woodworks Bob Batchik

Carving a Niche

The way Bob Batchik tells it, it all started when he and his wife moved into a home with a wood-burning fireplace. He’d sit by the hearth carving wood shavings from kindling to get the fire going, and once it was burning well, he’d continue carving the sticks into small figures — often fish — that eventually went into the fire, too.
Kayak on rocky shore

In Search of Calm Waters

Solo kayak journey 1,000 miles along Lake Superior’s shore.
The Motor City Dragons

Paddling at a Dragon’s Pace

At modern-day dragon boat festivals, it’s common to paddle casually out on the water and scatter flowers on the surface to honor those whose...
Josh Greenberg paddles an Au Sable riverboat

Au Sable River Dream

Josh Greenberg, author and owner of Gates Au Sable Lodge, one of Michigan’s iconic trout fishing outfitters.
Silhouette of Fly Fisherman

Restoring the Grayling

Fish biologists and anglers hope one day to see the beautiful Arctic grayling fish restored in historic Michigan waters.
Bob Braendle at his shop making knives.

Not All Knives are Equal

Custom knife maker Bob Braendle makes fine knives for chefs, as well as those who go afield.
Chris Smith

A Passion to Paint Wildlife

Artist Chris Smith knew early on he wanted to paint dogs and wildlife.
How to Reply When the Wind Speaks Your Name header

How to Reply When the Wind Speaks Your Name

The setting was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, near Munising. It was Friday afternoon, the last day of vacation. While I’d enjoyed the week, a part of me had never let go.
Ann Miller with a fish

Women Teach Women to Fly Fish

Ann Miller founded Flygirls of Michigan so women could learn to fly fish from women.




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