Michigan Top 5

Forest canopy

Conservancy Preserves: Make a Break

What you need to escape to is a small nature preserve whose amenities are a trail, a map stapled to board and an observation deck overlooking only what Mother Nature has provided.
Michigan Top 5 Paddling

Paddling the Blues: Chains of Lakes

The Great Lakes State offers ribbons of waters and pools of blue for leisurely exploration.

Father’s Day Fun: Favorite Fishing Holes

I’ll never forget those afternoons on a dock waiting for our red-and-white bobbers to dip underwater.
Lady's slippers

Wildflower Rituals: Watch Spring Unfold

From delicate lady’s slippers to showy white trillium, the season is a sensory delight.
Ferry Boats

Ferry Rides: Escape to Blue Horizons

Whether your destination holds exploring shipwreck relics or meandering sandy island dunes, these little boats make getting there half the fun.
Tahquamenon Falls

Flavorful Fun: Seasonal Sojourns

The way to turn winter blahs into a love for that frozen season is to get up, get out and get going whether it’s on skis, ice skates, snowshoes or a snowmobile — then top off the outing with a hearty spread prepared with care.
Foote Pond

Park and Hike: A Scenic Summons

Don’t just admire the view. Get out and drape yourself in autumn’s glory.

Best long trails: Take views to go

Best long trails: Take views to go - Turn scenic footpaths into multiple day adventures, or shorten these routes for day hikes to remember. By Jim DuFresne
Little Traverse Wheelway

Bayside Trails: Embrace the View

Sittin’ on the dock on the bay is nice, but traversing along it is even better.
Shoreline Walks

Shoreline Walks: Bon Appétite

Meander out into spring, then fling open menus with just the right brews or bites.