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Michigan Top 5

Duck in the Great Lakes

Wonderful Waters

Michigan has a lot of lakes, but some are very special.
Ludington State Park

Michigan State Parks as You like Them

I’d still count card games, bike rides and falling stars among my favorites, but today, I’d add hunting for Petoskey stones and agates, watching (and photographing) sunsets and sunrises, and most anything you find at Michigan parks, which celebrate their 100th anniversary this year.
Kids with sheep

Wildly Friendly Animal Encounters

Fun animal encounters for families and friends each spring.
Nature's ice sculptures

Nature’s Ice Sculptures

Grab your climbing shoes or simply admire how winter transforms familiar landscapes.
Tubing at Shanty Creek Resort

Totally Tubular Fun

Great locations for sliding when winter settles in.

From Nature’s Art to Studio Art

Try these top five gallery tours at fall color’s peak.
Arcadia Overlook

Scenic Turnoff? Yes, Please!

Whatever the lure, scenic turnoffs are a welcome distraction and some, like those on this list, become the very point of the trip.
Iron Ore Heritage Trail

A Relaxing Adventure

These bike paths offer views, entertainment for those looking for a comfortable stroll.
Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden

Blooming Travel

Places that will put a spring back in your step.

Gather Around the Fireplace

Find a free fire to warm your soul after a day on the trails.