Quiet Water Quest

It’s easy to find solitude on your hometown stream. And it doesn’t cost one penny. // Photography courtesy of istockphoto.com/Joe Michl
Fly Fishing

Wisconsin-based Cliff Jacobson discovered canoeing at age 11 as a boy scout at a rustic camp deep in Michigan’s northwoods. Since then, he’s gone on to become one of the Midwest’s top outdoor writers and the author of more than a dozen books on camping and canoeing as well as a popular video entitled “The Forgotten Skills.”

When asked what he liked best about canoeing, he answered, “Two words — freedom and silence. I can follow my own star at my own pace, alone or with friends. I can get close to the water, close to the wind, close to the wilderness. It’s easy to find solitude on your hometown stream. And it doesn’t cost one penny.”

As one of four headliners of the 18th annual Quiet Water Symposium, scheduled for March 2 at Michigan State University’s Agricultural Pavilion in East Lansing, Jacobson will share tips and tools designed to help show visitors how to get outside and soak up spring in the Great Lakes State. Billed as “outdoor Michigan’s favorite indoor show,” the annual symposium and its sponsor, the Quiet Water Society, celebrate non-motorized outdoor recreation and a shared dedication to protecting the state’s fragile environment.

The event brings together world-famous authors, photographers and explorers (other headliners include Kevin Callan, wilderness photographers Doc Fletcher, and Gary and Joanie McGuffin) for presentations that include paddle sports, cycling, scuba diving, adventure travel, conservation, photography and hiking. Exhibitors include clubs and nature centers, hand-crafted watercraft, biking and hiking trails, conservation and watershed groups, outfitters, liveries and more — plus, outdoor retailers offer one-stop shopping, making it even easier to grab your gear and get outside.

For details, visit quietwatersymposium.org.

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