Feet First

You walk, run, drip, dance, lie, and even play fetch on it, so why not have fabulous flooring? These surfaces stand up to cottage life and then some.

1. MERCIER FLOORING’s Atmosphere collection, in engineered or hardwood, features a scratch-resistant Generations Intact 2500 finish. Atmosphere Collection, White Oak, Whisper, price upon request, Mercier Flooring. For local dealers, visit mercierflooring.com.

2. The durable glaze on EMSER TILE’s Bauhaus tiles are “resistant to water, dirt, chemicals, oil,” and more. Bauhaus, price upon request, Emser Tile, Sterling Heights, emser.com.

3. RIAD TILE’s handcrafted Moroccan Zellige tiles are made from low-fired terracotta which can be used for floors, walls, and even in water treatments like pools. Zellige Tile, $16.50/sq. ft., Riad Tile, riadtile.com.

4. Durable, low-maintenance and perfect for high-traffic flooring and walls, CONCRETE COLLABORATIVE’s Venice Terazzo Tiles feature honed surfaces and exposed aggregates. Venice Terrazzo Tile, price upon request, Concrete Collaborative, concrete-collaborative.com.

5. In CALI BAMBOO’s GeoWood flooring, real timber is layered over a GeoCore limestone composite foundation for water resistance and protection from heels and claws. GeoWood, Tawny Oak, price upon request, Cali Bamboo. For local dealers, visit califloors.com.

6. CALI BAMBOO’s vinyl longboards feature a commercial-grade scratch-resistant layer and are 100 percent waterproof. Vinyl Longboards, Oceanic Oak, price upon request, Cali Bamboo. For local dealers, visit califloors.com.

7. With surface grain textures, ANN SACK’s porcelain planks look just like flat-cut oak. Platform Tile, $7.95/sq. ft., Michigan Design Center, Troy, annsacks.com.

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