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Graphic wall murals set the tone for your interiors.
Cottage Style Install Fruit Salad - Photography courtesy Detroit Wallpaper.
Photography courtesy Detroit Wallpaper

Whether you have a waterfront property or not, the indoor environment always can be enhanced with sensational scenery. Artistic wall murals can deliver a dramatic backdrop that takes a space from basic to breathtaking.

“Murals present a unique opportunity to infuse your home with scenic allure, capturing your imagination and integrating a bit of romance,” said Jennifer Matthews, co-founder and creative director of Tempaper (, available through sources like Leon & Lulu in Clawson and Stonesthrow in Grand Rapids. “These captivating designs can completely change the atmosphere of your home, transporting you to a sumptuous garden, lush jungle or abstract paradise every time you enter.”

Tempaper Zoe Bios Arabella Marigold Rising Print - Photography courtesy Tempaper.
Tempaper Zoe Bios Arabella Marigold Rising Print – Photography courtesy Tempaper.

Consider the Zoe Bios Creative collection, which features abstract wall murals inspired by iconic American painters. A more traditional aesthetic would be the Chinoiserie collection that combines timeless design with state-of-the-art materials. Popular patterns like Garden, Lilly and Canopy come in matte and metallic finishes.

Matthews said wall murals can elevate the look of an average living and dining room, and transform bedrooms into attractive retreats. They can embellish other areas like studies and dressing rooms. “Murals create an opportunity for personal expression in any space,” she said.

Photography courtesy Tempaper

Applying Tempaper isn’t a messy job. It is a temporary wallpaper with a self-adhesive backing meant to be a do-it-yourself product that’s easy to apply and remove. No pastes or professional installers are required.

Some designs, like the Zoe Bios Creative collection, come in specific sizes or are sold by the panel. Others, like the Chinoiserie collection, are custom and sold by the square foot to ensure the right fit.

For those considering wall murals, Matthews suggested asking questions beforehand and getting a sample in advance to review the colors in person. Lastly, she advises avoiding textured surfaces when applying murals. Smooth, primed and painted surfaces with semi-gloss or satin finishes are ideal.

Tempaper Utopia Jungle Bloom Print
Tempaper Utopia Jungle Bloom Print – Photography courtesy Tempaper.

The Detroit Wallpaper Company in Ferndale, clients can provide their own imagery from a Tuscan Villa to a favorite Lake Michigan destination that turns a dining room wall into a soothing beach scene.
People are becoming more comfortable with the concept of murals again, and there are a lot more options than there were 20 years ago, said Andi Kubacki, who co-owns Detroit Wallpaper with Josh Young. “There are a lot more ways to tell your particular story.”

Kubacki said today’s murals range from abstract patterns to vintage images of Detroit and hand-drawn maps. Their partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts offers them print murals featuring works by renowned artists like Diego Rivera and Vincent van Gogh. Standard styles that can be cut to fit are available through Detroit Wallpaper (, while custom varieties can be ordered from Great Wall (

“Murals are transformative. They set the tone for a space and can change the perspective, scale and feel of the room,” Kubacki added. “You can wrap an entire powder room with a large-scale image or install a mural on a dining room wall or even on the ceiling. Foyers are a really fun one, too.”

Diego Industry North Room Install - Photography courtesy Detroit Wallpaper
Diego Industry North Room Install – Photography courtesy Detroit Wallpaper.

The best way to display a mural is to pick a solid wall with few obstructions. Though abstract designs and vintage images currently are on-trend, the right choice depends on a homeowner’s sense of adventure. For instance, a color photo could be made into a black-and-white or sepia tone image for a special effect. It’s up to the individual homeowner, said Kubacki, who also sources murals to commercial clients like retailers and hotels that can provide inspiration for residential settings.

A mural can be the starting point for a room or the last feature to be added. Buyers can expect quick turnaround times, even for custom murals that typically can be ready in a couple of weeks, Kubacki said. “Whatever you select will help you create a really dynamic space.”

Jeanine Matlow is a Detroit-based freelance writer who enjoys writing about homes and home decorating.

Photography courtesy Tempaper Detroit Wallpaper

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