Duck swimming in pollution

A Sea of Plastic

Groups move to eliminate single-use plastics to benefit the environment and reduce risks.
Milligan Creek

Keeping Waters Clean

Huron Pines works with local communities to manage storm and seasonal runoff.
Kirtland's Warbler

No Longer Endangered?

Final decision of delisting Kirtland’s warblers is expected in 2019.
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

What’s in a Name?

The difference between labels, that of being a national park or national lakeshore, for me, is inconsequential. But that’s not the case in Indiana.
Paddling Lake Michigan

Be Careful Out There and Stay Afloat

Follow these tips to stay safe during paddling season.
Montana volunteer vacation

Taking Volunteer Vacations

An outdoor gift that keeps on giving.
Dale Doepker

Saving the Loons

Volunteer loon rangers are the bird’s best friends.
Boardman Dam

Restoring the Boardman

Dam removals return it to free-flowing condition.
Grand Portal Point

Hidden Values

The value of national parks held in the public trust go far beyond the numbers.
Round Goby and Zebra Mussels

Clear Waters Spell Trouble

In new book, author Bill Rapai discusses how invasive species disrupt the ecology of Michigan lakes.