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Natural Beauty

Michigan’s massive sand dunes offer some of the Midwest’s most adventurous and outstanding hiking experiences.Many of these hikes lead to sweeping Great Lakes vistas...

True Grit

Marathon canoeist and dogsled musher Lynne Witte goes the distance — over and over again

Navigating Choppy Waters

As the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak sent a wave of Michiganders to their second homes for remote work with picturesque waterfront views, many digital nomads discovered the expected tranquility had been displaced with discord over trespassing and access to waterways.

Saving a Lifeboat

In the movie based on real events, The Finest Hours, 32 men rescued from the stricken tanker S.S. Pendleton sit crowded on a small boat while the sea continues to rage around them.

Shoreline Preservation

Elk Lake property owners strive to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem

Picking Pretty Stones

Rock hounds search for prized finds along Great Lakes shorelines

Big Red Legends

The public’s love affair with Holland’s treasured lighthouse endures

Freshwater Friends

Springtime showcases the secret life of Great Lakes turtles

Ladies of the Lakes

The Wooden Runabout Co. performs magic on classic and antique boats