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Summer Work and High Water

Rising Great Lakes waters are causing havoc once again.
The Dawn Chorus - Spring 2020, Illustration by Glenn Wolff.

The Dawn Chorus

Morels usually start popping in early April around here, but the big white ones don’t show up until about the first of May.

Making Memories

A friend was telling me about a rustic lakefront cabin that two generations of his family have rented every summer since 1950. That struck me as a fine tradition, so I asked what he liked best about it. Without hesitation, he said, “Making memories, of course.”
Snowy Owl Dennis Winter Art

Winter Visitors

In the morning, we woke to a new world. The storm had filled the driveway with waist-high drifts, and the road beyond was unplowed and impassable. Schools were closed, of course. It appeared that nobody was going to work, either.
Atumn Place Reflections

The Lay of the Land

Twice I’ve been approached by people I didn’t know… who confessed shyly and with kind intentions that they had uprooted their families and moved to northern Michigan because I had written so glowingly about the place in my books.
August Explorations

August Explorations

As the days grow shorter, our urge to get out and explore grows.
Making Trail illustration

Making Trail

When we were about 10 and 8 years old, my brother and I built a trail through the woods.

A Bountiful Weekend

Birding, mushroom hunting offer memorable experiences.

One Simple Rule

Children learn to appreciate nature, finer things in life.
Reflections - Lost Lake

My Lost Lake

Initial discovery fulfills boyhood dream.




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