Home Postcard


Blooming flowers and lush grass along the Boardman River in late May

Celebrating Change

You wouldn’t know from a quick glance at the river now, but this section of the Boardman River was previously dammed, and the area was part of Brown Bridge Pond.


Orvis the dog watched intently as professional fishing guide Chris “Uber” Raines defied the wintry weather to fly-fish for steelhead on a flies-only stretch...

Child by the River

He felt like a kid again as he photographed waterfall beauty

Duck, Duck, Snap!

Photographing a waterfowl’s beauty head-on

Harbingers of Happiness

Crickets, frogs, swans, and the always-springy red-winged blackbird collaborate on an optimistic tune

Until Next Time

Flurries of beach-goers arrive year-round in Grand Haven to witness the beautiful and glowing sunsets from Grand Haven State Park. My memories of visiting this lakeshore town bring to mind a catchy caption I created that wrapped around what I called The Four Fs: Family, Fricano’s, Fortino’s, and Fun.