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Megan Swoyer

Summer Seconds

As late winter turned into spring, I began to see robins and heard more songbirds outside my window.
Megan Swoyer

Pockets of Possibilities

Small towns such as Port Austin, Empire, or Tawas can miraculously slow the passing of time.The more time I spend in suburbia, the more...
Megan Swoyer


On a chilly morning not long ago, my husband and I set out for Alpena from our cottage to check out some shops and art galleries, and pick out some wall paint for our bedrooms. 
Megan Swoyer

All You Need Is Paint (Or Paintings)

The Walloon Lake home featured in this issue, designed by Cynthia Evans Interiors, reminded me of my cottage in northern Michigan.
Megan Swoyer

Color a Memory

I have a faded picture of myself (stuck in an old photo album) on a Mackinac Island ferry.
Megan Swoyer

Expand the Strand?

Water always wins. I’ve heard this time and time again from my husband, who’s a bit obsessed with that fact.
Megan Swoyer

Window Stopping

For the holidays, my mom would place an electric candle in each window that could be seen from the road. She’d also tie a tiny faux sprig of holly to each window latch.
Megan Swoyer

Points of View

It started when they were toddlers. We’d take them to experience local nature programs or to stroll along the paths that wound through the woods at nearby nature centers.
Megan Swoyer

Son Rise, Son Set

My 2020 birthday was among the best I’ve ever had. It started with a knock on my hotel room door at 7 a.m.
Megan Swoyer

Living Large (But Small)

I spent my youngest years in a beautiful small town in Connecticut. My siblings and I frequently walked (some of us toddled), without adults, to the corner grocery store. As I recall it now, there was just one main road.