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Delicious Fruit Tray

Dive in to Sweet Treats

You’ll be treading lightly with these desserts, which feature smart recipe substitutes

Pass the Pasties!

This deliciously satisfying — and portable — meal is the U.P.’s most famous food
A cold green bean salad is always popular. You can add different toppings, depending on what you and your guests like.

Lakeside Lunching

It’s summer in Michigan, and family, guests, and friends who drop by your rental cottage or waterfront home will be spending golden getaway hours...

Lunch & Munch

Want to impress your family and friends with some super-yummy sandwich fare? Take some notes from Watercolor Cafe owner Kate Dupre.

Fall’s Best Fruit

How do you like them (Michigan) apples? We like them plenty!

Say Cheese

Meet Michelle Nix, charcuterie queen

Cheers to Creating Spring in the Kitchen

A Harbor Country cookbook author discovers Michigan, and reveals her ingredients for a happy life

Life Recipe

How delicious are your days? Finding your soul in the kitchen and beyond.

Soup’s On

What you need is a bowl of delicious hot soup, like that made by food guru, cookbook author, and one of Michigan’s top cooks, Gina Ferwerda.