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Boating in the COVID-19 Era

Walking through the Grand Rapids Boat Show last February, I saw no sign of the looming threat of COVID-19 or how it would affect boaters and the marine industry.

Caring for the Crib

North Manitou Shoal Light being restored to memorialize its role and accommodate offshore visitors

Michigan’s Unique Boat-Tour Opportunities

Whether you are looking to explore the beautiful dunes on Michigan’s western shores, the rocky coast of Lake Huron, or the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula, you can always hitch a ride on someone else’s boat instead.
Boat For Sale courtesy iStock

Buying a Used Boat? Don’t Skip the Marine Survey

Spring is a great time to buy a used boat. Owners looking to trade up or down already may have made a deal on a new vessel, and dealerships that take used boats in trade are looking to free up space. Some owners may be getting out of the boating lifestyle and want to avoid the expense of spring launch or summer storage.
Personal watercraft, ski boats, fishing boats and live-aboard cruisers are on display at winter boat shows.

Dream Big at Michigan’s Winter Boat Shows

For most Michigan boaters, winter is boat show season. It’s the time of year to research and review the latest accessories, technology and new models from the many manufacturers on display in venues across the state.
U.S. Navy and Marine pilots trained over Lake Michigan during World War II, flying off passenger steamers converted to aircraft carriers.

Cold-Weather Distractions

For many boat owners, the day their vessel is hauled for winter storage is the worst day of the year. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways they can get a maritime fix during the winter months.
High water level hazards

Riding High

Record water levels create hazards for boaters in harbors and marinas. Four years ago, most boat owners were easily able to step aboard their vessels by barely lifting their feet. Today, with Lake Michigan water levels more than 5 feet above the record lows of 2015, and Lake Huron equally brimming past capacity, many are finding it difficult to climb aboard. Boats along the state’s coastline are riding high.
Michigan Princess

Rolling On a River

Wonderful old-style riverboat tours are found on waters around the state.
Clas Nilstoft’s Glory

Improving Sailing Safety

The tragic death last summer of a Chicago-to-Mackinac sailor from the Transpac 52 Imedi led to a re-examination of life-saving techniques and equipment for sailors.

New Life for Old Boats

Rent an electric-powered retro runabout and cruise the waters around Saugatuck.