View of Inn at Bay Harbor from the lake.

Lakeside Retreat

Inn at Bay Harbor unveils updated look that ties in local culture, elegant comfort.
Lisa Ludwinski, the colorful author and founder of Sister Pie bakery and cookbook, proudly shows off one of her popular fruit pies.

Creative Baking at Sister Pie

Apple sage gouda is the most popular flavor at Sister Pie Bakery, and the uniqueness of an apple pie with sage and gouda says...
Luminarias light the way during a special night ski at Metamora-Hadley State Park.

Making Tracks

A perfect way to appreciate the glories of winter is to slip on cross-country skis and glide into the night when even a thin crescent of moon is enough to overlay the glistening snow with soft shadows from the trees.

Great Reads by the Fireplace

Michigan winters: They’re epic, they’re beautiful and they can leave even the most seasoned native wishing to be somewhere else. When blizzard conditions and ice-slick roads have you feeling a touch of cabin fever, go somewhere — and let a good book take you there.
Across the 90-acre area, the Gilmore Car Museum has various vehicle displays for visitors to explore

Car Candy

Much more than a vintage car collection, Gilmore Car Museum celebrates America’s love affair with the automobile and car innovations that changed how people live, work and play. 
Room showing how styling with white can be done in many ways

The Power of White

Though color trends may come and go, white remains a top contender. The neutral hue is easy on the eyes and plays well with others wherever it lands, from your bedding to your kitchen countertops.
Sleigh Rides

Dinner with a View

When fresh snow covers the ground around Hillman, it’s not unusual to see a group of enthusiastic revelers in a carriage drawn by a team of Belgian draft horses on the grounds of Thunder Bay Resort. Their unique sojourn takes them 2½ miles through the wooded countryside to a cozy abode called the Elk Antler Cabin, where a roaring fire and a mouth-watering dinner await.
Fall ride on southern Michigan Railroad

Fall Color By Rail

Generations ago, train travel was a primary means of transportation around Michigan. Yet, many children today have never experienced the adventure of riding the rails with the clacking of the wheels on the tracks, the faint smell of the locomotive’s exhaust and the feel of wind in their hair while aboard the open gondola car.
Harvesting Cranberries

Wild Cranberry: A Food of the Ages

Commercial cultivation of cranberries is on the rise, and wild food enthusiasts are heading out into bog land in search of its wild counterpart. Thousands of years ago, glaciers scraped across the land, carving deep crevices that filled with water and glacial debris. Those crevices became the bogs we know today, which is where you will find the wild cranberry. 
The Jampot Bakery

Gifts From the Monks

On any busy summer day, visitors fill the tiny Jampot shop in Eagle Harbor waiting patiently to purchase wild berry jams, hearty fruitcakes, savory baked goods and confections handmade by the monks of the Holy Transfiguration Skete, Society of Saint John.




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