Tasting Room

Harvest Brews

Blending seasonal flavors like nutmeg, cloves and allspice, Michigan’s craft beers taste like autumn.
Old World Olive Press Owners in Store

Old World Olive Press

At the Old World Olive Press you can reap maximum nutritional benefits and savor the flavors at the newest “corner bar.”
Michigan Wine Country Vineyard Path

Dining in the Vines

Dining in the Vines now in its fifth year, the event attracts those looking for a fine, outdoor dining experience in a mural-like setting with no compromise in service.
Hillside Homestead Eggs in a Basket

A taste of times past

In Sutton Bay, a unique innkeeper's insights into century-old food and cultural trends translate into a memorable culinary experience.
Frankenmuth Old English Vintage Beer Bottles

Frankenmuth Brewery: Catching up with Jeff Coon

As the creators of "Das Good Bier" celebrate their 150th anniversary, Coon carries on a flavorful legacy.
Drive-in with beaming neon lights

Revivin’ the drive-in

At these spots, under the shadow of neon lights, a new generation can savor the original "fast food" experience with the revival of the drive-in.
Winemakers Doug and Gwen Welsch

Passing on the Baton

The words “lake effect” are not always welcome news. But in the rolling hills of Fenn Valley, lake effect is partly responsible for the flavorful bounty that Doug Welsch, winemaker and second-generational head of Fenn Valley Vineyards, turns into wine.
Cheese board

The Other Dairy State

Parlaying a bottle or two of Michigan wine into a summer party takes little more than a plate of assorted cheeses.




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