Lake Stories

Water Water - Rowing

Water, Water

We’re drawn compulsively to waterfalls and crashing surf because they are powerful enough to pull us out of our selves…to reawaken us to the everyday wonders of the world.
spring time hill

Sand in my sheets 

To this day, I turn back into a carefree kid when I’m in any water that knocks your feet out from under you.
xmas winter branch

Silent Night

Small wonder I relive these magical moments even now as an adult.
Canteen illustration fall issue

Pilgrimage to Traver Country

Beyond Michigan’s great boggy flats to the northern rim of the Upper Peninsula is a place made sacred by the smallest, most remarkable things, and mermaids might be caught — when they are in the mood.
Shipwreck Illustration

Whispers from the Past

There’s nothing quite like descending through cold, clear water into another world where schooners and steamers still ply the inland seas.
Great Lakes Cruises Cover 1939

A Week’s Cruise On Four Lakes – 2200 Miles

A Week’s Cruise On Four Lakes — 2200 Miles New Steamships North American and South American Chicago Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Company Season 1918.

Linked by the Sea

I imagined traveling the world, becoming a writer or a mermaid. The sea was so vast, so loud, so welcoming and terrifying — just like the future.