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Those were exciting times. Aerial photography gave us new perspectives for destinations like Saugatuck and the Detroit business district.

Aeroplane Views of Michigan

People have wondered for centuries what the Earth looks like from the air above. Before modern aviation, people attempted to take aerial photographs by sending cameras aloft by balloon, kite and even strapped to pigeons.

The Golden Age of Winter Carnivals

Before the days of jet travel, when winter vacationers stayed closer to home, winter was a time to celebrate. Several northern Michigan communities celebrated...
Postcard of Highway Scenic Drive

Huron Shore Scenic Highway

Aroad along the Lake Huron shore had long been a dream for the people of northeastern Michigan. And as early as 1858, the state...
Holiday Hills

Mid-century ski boom

Michigan saw a boom in vacation travel after World War II, but it wasn’t only in the summer months that Michiganders enjoyed the state’s recreational offerings. The ’50s and ’60s saw a number of ski lodges built in Michigan, many in the Mid-Century Modern style.
MIchigan shoreline artwork

Michigan’s Newest Byway

Last summer, a 184-mile stretch of the West Michigan Pike, from St. Joseph to Silver Lake, became the state’s latest Pure Michigan Byway.
Birchwood Cafe

Rustic marvels

Michigan was once a land of mighty timber. A few artisans were inspired by the natural materials found in logs, tree branches, stumps and roots to create rustic marvels. Although there were others — including the Jack Pine Lodge near Manistique, Birchwood Arbor in St. Ignace and many lodges and cabins — the best-known of these are the Legs Inn in Cross Village and the Shrine of the Pines, just outside of Baldwin.
Historic Great Lakes Cruises Cover

Cruising into yesterday

To all those travelers that over the years have visited this magical land. To their warm smiles in old photographs pasted in dusty scrapbooks. To their “wish you were here” messages sent on thousands of postcards. To the souvenirs they brought home with memories of an unforgettable vacation.
Grayling Winter Recreation Map

Grayling: Capital City for Winter Sports

Riding the biggest toboggan in the world was a thrill.
Minnetonka cottage model

Aladdin Readi-Built Cottages

The summer cottage offers perhaps the most popular pleasure and recreation today, just as it did in the early part of the 20th century.
Great Lakes Cruises Cover 1939

A Week’s Cruise On Four Lakes – 2200 Miles

A Week’s Cruise On Four Lakes — 2200 Miles New Steamships North American and South American Chicago Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Company Season 1918.




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